New Balance MX623v2: Your Ideal Training Partner

Among the various exercises forms available to mankind, walking and running are perhaps the purest and most effective. It, therefore, becomes imperative to be equipped well when indulging in such simple exercises. Unlike other forms of training, these cardio-centric exercise regimes may not warrant multiple fitness tools. But you must ensure you have the right gear put on – shoes being the most critical. There are several high-quality fitness and sports shoes available. Let us take a look at one of them – New Balance MX623v2.

New Balance MX623v2

Product Overview

New Balance is a well-known name within the fitness and sportswear industry, and the MX623v2 cross-training shoe is one of the several attempts made by the company to sustain or enhance the reputation. The shoe is a culmination of the years of research and testing the company has dedicated to help athletes attain their sporting goals. This is perhaps the reason why New Balance doesn’t roll out too many celebrity endorsements. A major portion of their spend goes into research and making. The product design and materials are chosen keeping in mind maximum durability and cushioning.


  • The shoe is excellent for walking, running, climbing hills, etc. It offers tremendous resistance and comfort, without compromising on comfort. Older people may experience the shoe offering added stability to their strolls.
  • Podiatrists recommend the shoe for people with lower back and/or foot issues. Though slightly flat, its good arch support is worth commending.
  • The shoe looks stylish enough to be worn with business casuals and also when on a date. In fact, many buyers purchase the model primarily for their work shoe requirements.


  • The shoe’s rigid frame and structure may pose stiffness issues. People with longer toes and wider feet may also face accommodation hiccups since the front is marginally on the narrower side.
  • It’s a wonderful shoe for various gym exercises, but may not necessarily support all types of sports. So, caveat emptor!


Do you have multiple objectives behind buying a shoe? If yes, then ensure you purchase the right pair. Your walking shoes, running pairs, or cross-training shoes are not the same – they vary with their sole shape.

Moreover, New Balance manufactures different shoes for different feet. So the shoe that wraps your feet perfectly won’t necessarily hug another feet of the same size equally well, for the dimensions and actual structure of the other feet may vary. To be on the safer side, order a pair that’s a size or half bigger than your actual foot size. If you get the right size, this is perhaps the most comfortable cross-fit pair out there.