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If you are reading this then you must have taken notice of my blog. At this point I am guessing you are here to know about me and what I do and why I started this blog. Well here is a little information about me and my passion although it might not be much but it will give you a summary of who I am, what I do and why I do it.

My name is Jayson Pelkey and I am a lady in her late 20's. I was born in Florida where I spent the first few years of my life before we moved to New York. I loved sneakers from a tender age and during my seventh birthday my Mom got me this pair of really good looking sneakers that I actually wore twice a week to school. I always loved those sneakers because through them I was able to make a lot of friends as I was not a very social person who could randomly strike up a conversation with just a random person. Everybody at school wanted to fit in my circle because I was considered a "cool girl" because of my sneakers.

During those days I always wondered why the parents of my schoolmates couldn't just buy their kids a similar type of shoe yet they had the money. A little later on I found out that the shoes were limited edition that were made for me by the company my Mom helped see from scratch to giant status. There were only three pairs of shoes of that type as it was the company's policy that the particular shoes were not to be sold, instead they were only given to people who had done a very exemplary job for the company as a way of appreciating them.

My Mom took advantage of the fact that she was there for the company from the beginning up to the time they made their big break to request one shoe to be made for her Daughter (me).The company had to bend the rule one time because they really respected my Mother for her contribution in building the company. This pair of the shoe line actually belonged to a female celebrity who had endorsed the company, and this made me some kind of celebrity in school making me very popular.

Years down the line I still have a fetish for fine sneakers and I am currently rocking the retro Jordan's when I go for my weekly basketball practice as it is my hobby. Having the right shoes for your sports practice makes you feel comfortable and relaxed when you are training. When you get yourself quality shoes for practice, you are going to do yourself a very big favor by not getting unnecessary injuries like when your shoes don't have good grip.

Since I love sneakers very much, I saw it as an opportunity for me to create a blog for endorsing the best training footwear currently available in the market and can be found in big retailers like and  

I really hope you have had a really awesome time on my blog and if you need to look for information about training sneakers then you need to look no further than my site. You can also recommend it to some of your friends too. Thank you again for visiting and don't forget to bookmark it. I am hoping that you will visit my blog again very soon.