Polar A300 Fitness and Activity Tracker

FinishLine offers a range of athletic accessories that you will you definitely like if you are a sports enthusiast. This store offers the accessories at discounted prices compared to what you would have paid at high end stores. The range of accessories available is endless. You just need to pick the right ones that will help you enjoy your game without a hassle. 

From the many accessories available on FinishLine, I found the Polar A300 Fitness and Activity Tracker to be particularly captivating. It is an innovative fitness tracker, sleep monitor as well as motivator that helped me to keep track on my fitness goals while also adding a dash of style to my wrist. Read on to find out more about this gadget. 

What Are The Features of the Polar A300 Fitness and Activity Tracker?

This fitness tracker has a great number of amazing features. It is made of polyurethane material and stainless steel that make is very durable. It supports wireless chest-based heart-rate monitors and it also has a built-in USB plug that goes right into a computer or phone without using cables. For wireless transfer to the computer and phones, you can also use Bluetooth Smart that has been integrated in it. 

Other features of the Polar A300 Fitness and Activity Tracker include a waterproof cover that allows you to wear it while in the shower or when you are swimming. It also has removable watch bands that usually allow you to go all colorful and swap to any band color that you like. The gadget also allows you to create numerous activity profiles that allow you to refine calorie burn assumptions for running versus rowing, for example. 

How Much Does It Cost?

With just $139.95, you can be able to get this smart device that will help you attain your fitness goals with absolute ease. It comes in different colors that you can choose from depending on your taste. On FinishLine, you will find it in black, white, blue, pink, yellow and gray. 

What Makes The Polar A300 Fitness and Activity Tracker An Exceptional Device?

There is so much that you will like about this fitness tracker. Besides helping you record important everyday data when you are working out, for instance the calories burned, distance and steps taken, it also enables you to get alerts whenever you stay inactive for too long. It is also very helpful when it comes to monitoring your sleep quality so as to determine how you can improve on it. You can easily sync the data from this device with a free web service and app that allows you to monitor your progress with ease.

Is The Polar A300 Fitness and Activity Tracker On Sale?

This fitness tracker is not currently on sale on Finish Line, but the price at which it is going is more favorable compared to what you will pay for it at most high end department stores. It is a great device that you will not regret paying a penny for if you are a sports enthusiast. It is equipped with amazing features that will guarantee you great results compared to other similar items in the market. Charging it is absolutely easy, thanks to its plug and play USB.

Apart from this fitness tracker, there is so much more that you could purchase on Finish Line. If you are a fashion conscious person and you are looking for a premium brand experience that features the best selection of authentic and sports inspired products, this online store is what you need to check out. It has an amazing selection of brand name apparel, footwear and accessories.

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