Finish Line: Promo Codes in 2015 and History of the Company

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Finish Line: They Are About More Than Just Selling Shoes is known for its amazing savings on thousands of different types of shoes, but there is a whole lot more to the company than what you just see when you check out their website. Sure, you might be able to save a crazy sum of money via a wide range of Finish Line coupon codes throughout the year, but you are probably less aware of the work that they do in various local communities around the United States. Quite simply, this company is about more than just making sure that your feet look good.

The History Of The Finish Line Empire.

It is fair to say that this is indeed a shoe empire because they do currently have over 660 stores spread across 47 different states as well as a website that stocks all of the top brands that you would expect to see from a company such as this. This in itself is pretty impressive as is the fact that they now generate more than $1 billion in sales per year and all of this from a company that was started in 1976.

The way in which Finish Line came to exist is in itself a tale of how a passion for something can indeed evolve into a working and profitable business. The company actually began as a franchise connected to another footwear company called The Athlete's Foot with the franchise being owned by three friends who were all crazy about running and wanted to bring specialist footwear to the streets of Indianapolis. Alan Cohen, David Klapper, and John Domont all invested in buying the franchise for not only the entire state of Indiana, but also for Louisville, Kentucky.

Five years after launching their franchise business, they reached a point whereby they now owned 12 franchises, but were unable to expand any further as all remaining opportunities had previous been sold. However, close inspection of the agreement led to the discovery that there was nothing stopping them from launching their own stores in direct competition to The Athlete's Foot and The Finish Line was born.

Within a decade of launching the first Finish Line store, the company had expanded to 105 stores and had sales approaching $100 million. By 1992 it was decided to take the company public in order to allow for further expansion across the country and this was certainly an approach that worked with them growing from 105 stores in 1991 to 220 stores by 1996 and sales in the region of $300 million.

This continual growth is something that still applies today, but Finish Line were also acutely aware of the Internet and e-commerce from an early age with the website being launched in 1999. This side of the business would continue to double in size year after year until 2004 thanks in part to the use of various Finish Line discount codes as well as the reduced prices available via their website.

Now, the company is seen as being extremely strong and has continually achieved sales in excess of $1 billion per year since 2006. That is quite good going for a company that started off as a franchise some 30 years earlier. The future may now be without the three main founders, who have largely retired from the company, but they have been wise in who they have selected to replace them, so at least the company itself is in safe hands.

Their Youth Foundation

The history of the company is certainly a tale of what is possible, but it is important to point out that they are not just all about profit, although clearly their shareholders see this as a key part of the business. The company also operates a Youth Foundation and what that involves is them supplying grants and donations to different community projects all over the country just as long as their program focuses on encouraging kids to become more active and live a healthier lifestyle.

The foundation itself was set up in 1998 and since then they have raised millions of Dollars via high profile funding events as well as donated millions of dollars of their own money to countless projects mainly in disadvantaged communities around the country. They have helped to create special camps for children that have special needs, allowed community groups to buy new equipment for children, helped out local community centers so that children have somewhere to go and various other projects that have been shown to make a difference.

This foundation is not just about sport, but is mainly focused on being able to provide something for those children that are less fortunate than others for a whole host of reasons. Take for example an award in 2014 that helped a local group to build a new playground for children that have a chronic illness or special needs. That grant is about the company being able to help put a smile on the face of so many children that will now find it a lot easier to live a more normal life at least in some small way.

There is no doubt that they take this very seriously indeed with it being led by experienced fundraisers, who organize their charity golf event every single year which regularly leads to donations that top $1 million, and people that have the true ethos of what they are striving to do. It is at least very nice to see a company that wants to just give back to those very communities that their staff and customers come from.

As you can see, Finish Line is indeed about a lot more than just selling shoes and producing different Finish Line promo codes to help you save money. This is a company that has taken its time to expand and believes in looking after the communities and the youth in locations around the country. For some, the fact that they do genuinely care about making a difference in a number of ways is an endearing fact that makes people feel better about buying from them rather than just settling for a nationwide conglomerate that simply cares about profit and nothing else.